Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not In Kansas Anymore

On 8 August, 2009, after five years, I left the University of Kansas so that I could begin my new faculty appointment in the department of social work at Humboldt State University. I am very happy with this decision since it will allow me to more fully engage in direct community work with Indigenous communities on the west coast and to focus on topics that I wish to write about and research as part of my activist and academic work. Obviously, it's been a while since I've updated my thoughts and work on this blog. In any event, I plan to begin making regular posts on some of the things that I've have been working on and will be focusing on in my new position.

In December of 08' a co-edited book (that I did with Dr. Mel Gray, University of Newcastle and Dr. John Coates, St. Thomas University) came out. The title of this work is Indigenous Social Work Around the World: Towards Culturally Relevant Education and Practice (Ashgate Press, 2008).

An edited book that I did with Dr. Waziyatawin Angela Wilson, For Indigenous Eyes Only: A Decolonization Handbook (School of American Research, 2005) continues to do well.