Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dear Friends,

As I've been reading, researching, and posting about the important of ancestral eating/paleo lifestyle I have come across a number of important quotes and viewpoints of Native Peoples from the past. Here's what I consider to be one of the most  is an important views of ancestral eating and the consequences of not - that was made by a Karuk woman back in 1932. What I appreciate most is her statement about "world come to an end food:

"All did the same, the way that the Ikxareyavs used to do. And what the Ikxareyavs ate, that was all they ate. They told them: 'Ye must eat this kind.' The Ikxareyavs ate salmon, they spooned acorn soup, salmon along with acorn soup. And they ate deer meat. Andy they claimed the Ikxareyavs had two meals a day, and they also did only that way. When the whites all came, then they said: 'They eat poison, poison food, world come to an end food.' The middle-aged people were the first to eat the white man food. When they liked it, they liked it. They told each other: 'It tastes good.' They said: 'He never died, I am going to eat it that bread.' But the old men and the old women did not eat it till way late. We are the last one that know how the Ikxareyavs used to do, how they used to eat, the way our mother's told us. And even we do not eat anymore what they told us to eat. And what will they who are raised after us do?" --Phoebe Maddux (Karuk), 1932